Concentration Requirements 

Background Courses
MATH0090, MATH 0100 
CHEM 0330, CHEM 0350
PHYS 0030,  PHYS 0040 
BIOL 0200 

Basic Lecture Series
NEUR 0010: The Brain
NEUR 1020: Neurobiology
NEUR 1030: Neural Systems

Critical Reading
1 approved course

Research Methods
Statistics: 1 course  
Lab methods: 1 course

Four Thematic Electives
4 additional courses thematically
related to interest in Neuroscience to make a
total of 10 Core Courses 

Focal Point
Mocha (Course Search Engine)
Critical Review (Course Evaluations)

Independent Study

• In addition to the formal courses offered in the Department of Neuroscience, there’s a great opportunity for undergrads to conduct independent work under the supervision of the faculty.

• There are two levels of independent work available: Independent Study Course and Independent Neuroscience Research. Each of these usually involves registering for NEUR1970.

• Honors in Neuroscience, described in detail on the Departmental website, requires maintenance of a distinguished academic record in course work of the concentration and completion of a Thesis meriting the Honors designation.

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