Concentration Requirements 

Background Courses
MATH0090, MATH 0100 
CHEM 0330, CHEM 0350
PHYS 0030,  PHYS 0040 
BIOL 0200 

Basic Lecture Series
NEUR 0010: The Brain
NEUR 1020: Neurobiology
NEUR 1030: Neural Systems

Critical Reading
1 approved course

Research Methods
Statistics: 1 course  
Lab methods: 1 course

Four Thematic Electives
4 additional courses thematically
related to interest in Neuroscience to make a
total of 10 Core Courses 

Independent Study

• In addition to the formal courses offered in the Department of Neuroscience, there’s a great opportunity for undergrads to conduct independent work under the supervision of the faculty.

• There are two levels of independent work available: Independent Study Course and Independent Neuroscience Research. Each of these usually involves registering for NEUR1970.

• Honors in Neuroscience, described in detail on the Departmental website, requires maintenance of a distinguished academic record in course work of the concentration and completion of a Thesis meriting the Honors designation.

• Navigate back to the Home Page and click on the Department of Neuroscience button to learn more!

• Check out the tabs below to explore opportunities for funding, summer research internships, as well as brain scientists around the area!

Additional Resources

Q. What neuroscience courses does the department offer? How do I declare my concentration and fulfill all the requirements?
A. Find answers in the Neuroscience Concentration Handbook!

Q. How can I get help with neuro course requirements? Do you have advice?
A. Check out testimonies on various courses from neuro alums!

Q. How can I find out more about our neuro faculty? Where can I find their publications, or read about what they do?
A. Look them up on the Researchers@Brown database!(Full list of faculty is in the Handbook and Department website)

Q. If I can't get course credit via Independent Study, can I get paid for research?
A. Funding sources include (but are not limited to): UTRA, UFunds, Link Award

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